First we traveled, tasted all kinds of flavors and enjoyed the world. Then we brought our experiences together in the kitchen and opened a restaurant. Boulevard Social is our third restaurant and it opened its doors in May 2012. The kitchen and bar on the beautiful boulevard offers an exciting and innovative combination of traditional flavors from Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and other Mediterranean countries. The simple bistro decor used in the restaurant has been designed to enhance the restaurant’s unique flavors we have created with love.

Come try our flavors or pop in for a drink!

Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg


Share several small Mediterranean dishes with your friends, follow the hustle and bustle of the boulevard and let our easy-going staff serve you. Boulevard Social is a place where you can pop in for a drink, reserve a table and set out on a culinary journey for the entire evening or enjoy fresh air and cocktails on our terrace.

The food and drinks, just like the decor and place settings, have been created with carefully selected details. The restaurant’s elegant bistro-style decor has been designed by Risto Wikberg from FutuDesign.



Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg are experienced chefs who have strived to create a new, flourishing food culture in Helsinki. Boulevard Social opened its doors on Bulevardi in the spring of 2012, and the owners of this modern and relaxed restaurant serving perfect dishes are also known for their other restaurants Farang, Gaijin, Bronda and Bakery-Eatery Levain.

Boulevard Social’s headchef is Kjell “Kjellu” Kvarnström. The Swedish-speaking handball player is always joking around and his charm works both in and out of the kitchen – except in Germany, his colleagues say.